Monday, December 08, 2008

Saturday we ventured downtown to the seminary for the Kids Christmas Party for all kids of students. I decided (at 3 in the morning) that it would be a good way to get the kids out of the house so Ed could write his papers and study, and good for me to be around adults. I was a bit hesitant as the student of the family wasn't with us, but the minute I opened the door and walked in, I knew it didn't matter. The kids and I were enveloped into a small community that was so warm and caring and it felt so good and so right to be there. Everyone completely understood what was happening in our family with the end of the semester approaching as they had all been there too.

There were stations set up around the room that we could go to for crafts and food in the middle. It all took place in the large classroom where Ed has all his classes. The kids thought this was really cool that we were doing things in Daddy's classroom.

We started out at the table where you could make a snowflake or star out of popsicle sticks and paint the sticks too. My kids L.O.V.E. paint. We stayed at that table for a good 1/2 hour to 45 minutes and they were in their glory. Next we went over to make a bag for all their crafts then went and made a refrigerator picture frame magnet. From there we went over to the ornament table and Alina made a candy cane out of stringing jewels onto a pipe cleaner and did an amazing job with the three colors and keeping the pattern going all by herself. Sam decorated an ornament ball with paint pens and was ready for another project.

Then Santa came in to read all the kids the Charlie Brown Christmas Story (in his southern accent) and then read each kids name on the presents he handed out. One Mercer Mayer book and one Charlie Brown Christmas book.

Then the cookie decorating table was found. Sam started there while Alina finished her candy cane ornament. I turn my back for 2 seconds and he and the guy who was in charge or the table are slathering frosting on the cookie. Every color went on that sugar cookie. I think the frosting was a good inch thick. Then Sam was challenged. And he excels at challenges. His challenge by his new friend Jeremy? To see how many M&M's he could fit onto his cookie. This was not a large cookie by any means. He got them all on there and then I heard Jeremy ask him to see if he could count them. I didn't think there were that many, but little did I know Sam had used every centimeter of that frosting and ended up putting on 57 M&M's. And then he ate it. And boy was he one proud 7 year old. I had him stop about 3/4 of the way through as he was given another challenge, and this one I knew he would jump at.

Jeremy asked him how fast he thought he could run around the room. I knew all other crafts would be left by the wayside when this question was taken in by Sam's ears. He loves to run. We used to time him at our old house on how fast he could run around the outside. The challenge was issued and off he went running around the outside of the classroom (big classroom in the middle of the 3rd floor with hallway all around it. Perfect for a big loop to run). Alina got in on the action and one of the other guys came over and asked if he could race Sam (a grown man mind you).

So off the kids went and I helped clean up. I ceased the racing after about 1/2 and hour as I didn't want either of my kids throwing up pink/blue/white/green frosting on the floor. So we helped set up all the tables and chairs and Sam helped vacuum.

It was a really fun morning/afternoon. Having my kids being taken under the wings and thoroughly enjoyed by others was so amazing. The adults loved on them which warmed my heart so much.

And Ed was able to get so much done too in preparation for a big 3 days.


Hillary said...

hahaha! That's so fun! :)

I meant to ask you, are you able to manage going back home for Christmas???

anne said...

Sounds like it was a profitable day for sure! I could totally go for a cookie now... :)

Jean said...

It's looking less and less likely that we'll be able to go back. :(

what about a bowl of your chocolate moose tracks ice cream instead? :)

Luanne said...

Booo...I want to meet you! Are the fights really expensive right now? My sister in law had a hard time finding flights from Colorado that were reasonable. And that was about a month ago!!

I loved the cookie story! It sounds like you have an awesome community out there! And today is the last day!!! Happy end of the first semester :)

Jean said...

Flights are running around $500 right now. It's horrible! I want to meet you too Luanne! One way or another...we will meet!! :)

The school does try and make everyone feel a part of their community. It's a bit hard with being so far out, but it's slowly happening. :)

We're all going to school with Ed tonight and then out to celebrate! :)