Wednesday, December 17, 2008

1st snow

This past weekend the most popular news story was the snow storm we were going to get. Snow around here is not a common occurance, so for there to be a significant amount of snow is huge. Along with the snow, freezing temperatures were going to be hanging around for awhile. The longest below freezing cold snap they have had here was back in 1990 and it stayed below freezing for 6 days. This time it is supposed to last for two weeks. The average temperature for this time of year is 45. It has been hovering around 20 this week. While this is normal in Michigan and houses are built to withstand these kinds of temperatures, houses here are not. The big thing is bursting pipes. A lot of the houses here are not built on basements, so the pipes are exposed. Like the house that we're living in. So far, so good here, but man is it cold inside! The dishes in the dishwasher are almost too cold to touch after a load is run.

So Sunday morning after seeing this stuff fall the night before, this is what it looked like when we woke up. And I had forgotten that before all the snow started, it had been raining all day Saturday, so all the wet had froze before the snow started. Making ice. We did venture out Sunday morning and did see cars not being able to make it up the ice covered hills. I only witnessed on the news cars sliding backwards down the hills while trying to go up them. That couldn't have been very fun.

The moment we got home, the kids got their snow stuff on and went out to play in it. The were SO excited.

We were supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow last night, but only a dusting happened, and it almost looks like it has frozen to the ground. So school was canceled.

And what does one wear on a cold, snow day? Why an Irish handmade sweater!

Now it feels more like Christmas.


Kassi said...

She looks just like you!

Luanne said...

Aww...I want a sweater like that! I am so happy that your kids are able to play in snow!! And sliding down backwards on hills....freaky!

Hillary said...

Ah, yes. Welcome to West Coast snow days. Whole cities FUH-REAK out, cars slide all over the place, and everybody panics. The rest of the ountry laughs at the west coast, but seriously! It's TREACHEROUS! And HILLY!

Ah, I *LOVE* snow days! I have the biggest grin EVER when those little flakes start to fall!

anne said...

I hate being cold...I'm sorry that your dishes are cold and your fingers are cold. Your toes probably are cold too. You really should start drinking more coffee.... ;)

heather said...

Oh, an Aryn sweater!! David has already worn his this year, but mine is still in the closet - now would be a good time to get it out for sure!!

Jean said...

I could've used one the past couple weeks. maybe I'll buy one the next time we take a trip across the pond. :)

Snow is almost gone. Frigid coldness is gone too. I'm back in a happy place.