Friday, December 26, 2008

memories already taking place

We have made amazing memories of our first Christmas in Seattle. They started with getting stuck to the garage wall while trying to get into the van. Nail heads must really like leather as it latched onto my back while I was trying to avoid the massive snow puddle in my dress shoes. So there I stood nailed to the wall. I will be honest that I'm glad the words I was saying in my head did not make it out into the innocent air I was breathing. I was finally able to unhitch myself and jump (literally over the puddle) into the van. We got out of the driveway on the 3rd try.

So off we went to church. To celebrate Jesus' birthday. The church that we're going to is halfway between our house and downtown, so it's about a 20 minute drive. Highway was clear. Main roads were semi-clear. Side roads were neither of these. They had not been plowed in over a week and a half of snow. And they will probably not ever be plowed either. (Since they hardly have any plows here and don't use salt! I still can not fathom this!). Over a foot of snow on these gems. We took one to get to church. It sucked us in the moment we turned onto it and decided we needed to have some more fun as it took us right into a car, one of the entire neighborhoods cars parked on the street (that have also not moved since the snow started and have over a foot of snow on the roofs). Yes. Words were spoken as we saw ourselves slide right into the side of a newer hybrid, taking the mirror off. Ed "pulled over", got out (decked in church attire), checked the damage, came back, wrote a note with phone number and put it in the car door handle. Who knows when/if the owner will call. It could be another week, two weeks, a month (if the weather continues the way it has been). After we got the van sucked out (thankfully Ed didn't have to push it out), we headed down the street to worship Jesus.

It was a lovely service. Beautiful trumpet music, choral music, singing, message and candle lighting.

We took the main roads home, turned onto our ice rink street and Ed pulled over so I could get the mail (the mailman has avoided our street for three days, and we're really hoping the garbage man decides to come down next week as our wee little trash bin is already full of garbage not being picked up last week. Grrrr). Our house was 15 feet away. And it took 20 minutes to get there. Ed ended up with mud splattered down his coat from me flooring the gas while he was pushing the van out. I just have to say that he's amazing. Two kids in a stuck car asking, "why are we stuck? when can we go home? how much longer? are we almost out yet?" and he kept his patience in check. I was standing out on the side of the road, which was probably best for all involved.

The kids opened one present. And this is them in it. We've wanted to do this for a couple years and finally did it this year. Everyone was all comfy cozy as we sat down to watch the Polar Express, eating our smorgasbord dinner (which I think will become another tradition). The evening of woes melted away and to be able to spend time with family was beautiful.

For another rendition of this evening, check out Ed's blog.

We have so much to be thankful for and are so blessed to be here to experience life and each other though we are missing friends right now during this season. So Merry Christmas and New Year's to all.


Luanne said...

Well that sounds like an adventure!! I had to spend $100 to get a safty panel fixed on the bottom of my car last week from unplowed roads and getting stuck a million times in the 2 feet fo snow we got! Yesterday we had 18 inches of snow in our now...nothing! And it's 51 degrees and it will be 20 tomorrow. So weird!!

Hope your weather is improving out there!

I am so happy you have made some wonderful new traditions there :)
Merry Christmas!

Jean said...

UGH!! That's horrible!! and 2nd, that's CRAZY about the weather there!! We actually saw the sun today, which was a very nice treat. :) Otherwise, our snow is almost gone, and in the city it's completely gone.

Happy New Year!! :)