Thursday, October 16, 2008

debate results

Last night before the kids were headed to bed we had the end of the presidential debate on. This was a bit of the conversation during it.

Alina: Who are those people?
Me: Those men want to become the next president. It's like a competition.
Alina: Will the president stay the president until he dies?
Me: No.
Sam: I want that guy to win (pointing to the tv screen).
Ed: Why's that?
Sam: I like his tie better.
Ed: That's a good reason. Does a good tie make a good leader?
Sam: Yup. What's his name?
Ed: Barack Obama.
Sam: I'm going to vote for him.
Ed and I: (at the exact same time): Don't say anything about voting for him at school tomorrow. :)
Alina: I like the other guy.
Me: Why?
Alina: I like his white hair.
Sam: I like him too. He smiles a lot.
Ed: I'm not sure that's a smile.
Me: chuckling.

If only politics were so easy. I'm not a big fan of them what so ever and I don't like listening to people try to dig at each other and argue. Tell me what YOU are going to do, not what the other person has done wrong. But last night did make me lean more towards one side than the other as going in I had no clue as to who to vote for.


anne said...

It was an interesting debate to be sure. I like to follow them on Twitter as well to see what everyone else is saying...

I preferred the red tie myself...

Cheeky said...

In our last election for governor, I remember a co-worker voting for Jennifer Granholm because he thought she was better looking than Dick DeVos. Yeah, well, now we're suffering from the fallout from that...

Jean said...

Ah! I forgot about Twitter.

Seriously? wow. I started perusing each of the candidates web sites today. So much information. At least it's in English instead of Political.

Lyndsay said...

Matt and i decided that we will vote opposite each other and therefore cancel each other out. Then we've done our civil duty but we don't have to choose either guy. :]

Jean said...

That sounds like a great scheme and makes total sense. :)