Thursday, July 12, 2007


Today Ed left on his first of three backpacking trips for the men's ministry. So with him gone, we're finding things to do to keep busy until his return on Sunday.

Today was helping my dear friend sing at a kids park party by the lake. I love being by the water and the kids did too. I could've done without Ronald McDonald talking to me though (clowns give me the heebee geebees), but all was well.

Tomorrow is blueberry picking!! YAY!!! Time to stock up the freezer to last us through the fall, winter and spring until next year.

Tomorrow night is the musician bbq and Ed's mom is coming for the weekend. Me, myself and I get to indulge in an evening of adult conversation, and eat as slow as I'd like. I'm very much looking forward to it!

Saturday is undetermined as to what is going to happen.

Sunday is church and then Ed will be home by dinner time.

Right now it is time for books and bed. The kitchen that exploded with preparations of camping food for the guys, is mainly cleaned up and will still be there tomorrow morning.


Anne said...

So glad you came to sing with us today! You were fabulous!!

And the blueberries!!! I just finished my last bag of frozen from last year so I'm totally ready to stock up again!! My smoothies have been missing them the last couple weeks! :)

sarah cool said...

This was a cute post. :-)

Mmmm, blue berries!!!! We always used to pick blueberries down at our beach house in SC, and make a huge blueberry pie.... YUM!

Jean said...

it was a ton of fun!!!

I hope you found enough bluebebees to last you through next year!! I'll probably go again next week... :)

Hi Sarah!!! ooooo the beach!! :)