Friday, July 27, 2007

growing up

Tonight a milestone was scaled in our home. To some, this may not mean a whole lot, but to a mom who has been working with her son on reading, this is a HUGE thing. Sam doesn't really like to read. He likes being read to and has started graduating from pictures books to chapter books (with some pictures). It is like pulling teeth to get him to read words, but at the library the other day, I took my time in picking out some very easy beginner books for him to read. I realized how hard it is to find books that have very few words on the pages, and yet are full sentences where every word could be sounded out. I found three. And he read an entire one, all by himself, tonight. You could see he was getting so frustrated with himself over some words, but when it clicked in his brain, he got really excited when he re-read the entire sentence. His eyes lit up and he got a huge smile on his face. Praise filled our home tonight over his huge accomplishment. I'm so very proud of him, and from this big step, I hope he sees how amazing reading can be and all the adventures he can imagine from reading books.


Anne said...

Hooray!! Just give him about four more years and I'll start passing him the first HP!! ;)

the pearson c.a.s.t. said...

i'd love to hear what those 3 books were...for future knowledge :)

kerrianne said...

Awesome! He'll turn into a book worm before you know it. ; )

Hillary said...

Go Sam Go! Heh... actually, isn't THAT a book??? He's such a smart kiddo, he'll be gobbling up books like crazy. And he's got a talent for photography, too! I'll have to send you those pics when I get home.

Aw, I miss your kids arleady!!!

Jean said...

So I have four years to get through your library and all 7 HP books...I think I can do that.. :)

As soon as I can find those books, I'll let you know!!

I sure hope so kerri. I sure hope so.

He absolutely LOVED taking pics with your camera!! I and they miss you already too!!