Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Our holiday

It has been another great 4th holiday. It began on the 3rd with 70+ friends and family gathered at our home to eat very yummy food while chatting and playing games. The evening ended with a spectacular fireworks show across the street and thesmores around the fire pit. Our family was praying all week for the rain to hold off, and other than 30 seconds of sprinkles, it didn't start raining until we climbed into bed
last night. Thank you Jesus!!

Today was a lazy day of sleeping in, going out to breakfast with Grandma, watching a parade, going to a fair for sno-cones and inflatable rides and then out to lunch with Grandma, followed by a nice nap. Tonight is cleaning up the house and taking it easy.

What a great holiday it has been! I experienced the blessings of having a cleaning fairy yesterday who was a HUGE help, the relaxing atmosphere of a large crowd at our home and being able to celebrate our country's birth with my family.

Now the kitchen needs some loving attention and so does the newly decorated laundry room that is keeping an eye on the mountains of laundry that need to be done.

Happy 4th of July!!


Hillary said...

Happy 4th! :)

Ah, yes. Love the paries. Hate the cleaning up! Maybe if you leave it alone it will go away???

Have a happy day! :)

Anne said...

Yay for a good holiday! :) You throw a fabulous party, my friend!

Jean said...

Hillary, it did all go away!! Not until the morning after though. :)

Thank you Anne! I'm glad you were able grace the festivities with your glowing presence (and helping hand!). :)