Friday, June 01, 2007


It's raining. And thundering.

It's 2:37 a.m. and thanks to some knucklehead kids running down the street yelling at each other, I am wide awake.

My other half is gone for tonight and tomorrow scouting a trail. I hope he's fast asleep, snuggled in his sleeping bag.

Kids are snoring.

A nice breeze is coming through the window.

An ant on steroids crawled across my arm and scared the begeebees out of me.

I'm not a big fan of the dark.

I do like listening to the rain though. My favorite place to listen to the continuing cadence of water drops is snuggled up next to my husband in a tent.

I should probably go back to bed.


Anne said...

Crazy lady. :) I hope you got some sleep! And could sleep in a little this morning...

Jean said...

I finally went back to sleep around 4. I was wide awake, so I read. Fell back asleep until 4:45 when some type of animal was making noises outside. One child was up at 6:45 and went back to bed and then both were up at 7:45, but I laid in bed until 9. So very thankful that Sam can get he and Alina breakfast all on his own.