Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Surrendering open hands to the Maker's will does not come easy.
A war between self will and His.
Clenched fists.
10 fingers.
Holding on so tightly.
White knuckles.
Realizing that you HAVE to let go.
To surrender the frustration.
The worry.
Ever so slowly the fingers open.
Not out of force, but of one's own choosing.
Each joint creaks.
Until palms are open.
To let go.
And receive.
Being vulnerable.
Washed in peace.
Deep rest.


Hillary said...

Hey Jean

Don't know what you're gonig through right now, or what choices you have to make, but jsut thought I'd let you know I'm praying for you!

BEAUTIFUL poem. I love it. It really really resonates with me. Thanks for sharing something so personal. I'm sending you a great big Vancouver hug, just cause you're you and you deserve it!!

Anne said...

Deep sigh. :)

I'll send a graet big GR hug. Just cuz you're across town and I can't do it myself.

Jean said...

Thanks for the prayers and hugs!!

Kassi said...


I think that we need to coordinate a MI bloggers get together this summer...what say you sister?

Jean said...

I am ALL over that idea Kassi!!