Wednesday, April 04, 2007

doozy of an outcome

Sam's 6th year has started out with a big bang, including the twirling stars.
Yesterday was the yearly checkups for both kids.
Healthy as horses. Good to know.
Last night, Sam was playing baseball with a friend and was hit smack dab in the forehead. On top of that, he tried to hit the ball and ended up hitting himself with the bat right where the ball hit. Drop, stop and roll took place. Well....more like drop, stop and scream.
This morning he woke up needing to throw up and had a 102+ temp. He went back to sleep on the couch until 1:00.
My mind started whirling with concusses thoughts.
Ended up back at the doctor this afternoon.
Strep throat.
Who knew? I told my friend that it was probably a blessing that her son hit
Sam with the ball since that was the main reason I took him to the doctor. Otherwise it could have been days before we went, which would've not had a nice sunny outcome.

15 seconds after the medicine was ingested, he was feeling much better. Stomach groans stopped. Then I strongly suggested the two of them watch tv as the wrestling ensued and a 2nd child with strep around here is something that can be done without.

I'm ready for a nap!


Hillary said...

Oh my goodness! The poor little guy! What a day.

Hope the rest of you stay healthy!

Jean said...

I just feel so bad for him that he had a double ear infection over his winter break and now this over spring break. At least the weather is snowing and 28 out, so he's not missing nice weather to play in...

Anne said...

Oh gee! That is no fun at ALL!