Monday, October 16, 2006

this week

This week is going to be one hoppin week.

Eat breakfast. This is something that doesn't take place often. Once the day gets rolling, it's easy to forget to eat. But I will eat breakfast, even if it's almost noon. :)
Read chapter for ladies group tonight. We're starting Girl Meets God. Can't wait!!
Ladies group.

MOPS. And they serve breakfast, so on this day I know for sure breakfast will make it into my stomach.
Kid duty as Ed has orienteering group this night.

Exercise. I'm trying to get back into the habit.
I'm sure the afternoon will provide something of which will require my presence.

Take Ed to airport. He's going to CO for 5 days for the John Eldredge Wild At Heart Boot Camp with two other guys from church. No phones, computers, tv's, anything. So I won't hear from him again until Sunday when he comes out of the wilderness.
Pack for weekend.

Get ready for weekend.
Help in Sam's class.
Pick Sam up from school and head to Lansing.

Fri-Sun: Thankfully my mother doesn't read my blog, so I can share what's happening this weekend. My mom's birthday was on Sat. the 14th. She turned 70 (I was a late surprise in our family). So I called all the brothers and we're throwing her a party. My dad has kept mum about this, which has been really hard for him. My mom is the one who plans everything that goes on in the house, so this will be a real shocker for her when on Friday afternoon my brother and his wife from TN show up at the door and then my brother and his wife and 4 kids from OH show up at the door. We won't get there until later. She knows that I'm coming with the kids, but nothing else. Saturday I've invited some of her friends to come and we're going to make dinner and have a party. My brother from MI and his wife and kids are going to stop by too. The only one not able to make it is my brother from FL. So, party weekend at my parents house and my mom has no clue. :) I can't wait! I still have lots to plan, phone calls to make, times to get set up, and if we pull this off, it will be amazing.

Monday: Ed comes home. YAY!!!!
So off I go to my week. I'm excited (not about Ed leaving, but for the weekend). It'll be a great week. :)


anne said...

Busy, busy! :) It does sound like a great week! Only a few more days of trying to keep quiet!

Hillary said...

Surprises are so fun! We're planning a great big surpirse for my grandpa's 80th later in November, it's gonig to be great!

Jean said...

I know! I haven't even told the kids yet in fear that they'll by chance talk to my mom on the phone and spill the beans!

Fun Hillary! I have such a hard time keeping secrets! I've been able to do it only once with my husband in the 11 years we've been married. He can find out by just looking in my eyes.