Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pumpkin Fun

Costumes were readied for the fun parade we went on Saturday in our friends' neighborhood. It was a mile walk around the "block" and ended with cider and doughnuts. There were about 30 of us (our family being the only non-neighborhood family) and it was a ton of fun walking and talking. Sam loved racing around in his costume and Alina stayed on her dad's shoulders the entire time enjoying the view from above.

After the parade, we went to our friends' house and carved pumpkins and ate quesadilla's. Our kids' pumpkins are the middle two in which Sam carved the one on the left and I carved Alina's (who wanted shapes for her face) on the right. Our friends have two older girls who adore our kids and take them under their wings whenever we come over and off they go not to be heard from for a good hour at a time. We all were on the kitchen floor, carving pumpkins while our friends were taking lots of pictures. Once again, I forgot about our camera and have no pictures to display (except for the completed pumpkins).

The kids crashed when we got home and it was nice to have that extra hour of sleep this morning after yesterdays fun filled afternoon/evening.


amelia said...

They are so cute!!

anne said...

Great punkins! :) I'm so glad you had a great day!

Jean said...

Thanks both of you. :) Now I just need to remember to put the pumpkins out. :)

Carbon said...

Seriously, you have the happiest kids in the internet. They are always smiling!! It's awesome :)