Thursday, June 08, 2006

today's list

Today is going to be focusing on getting the list done. The list includes the following:

dust our room
dust the living room
clean up the basement
vacuum the truck
weed the garden
pick up Sam's room
make Sam's bed
Put away laundry

Then I have my list. The list above is Sam's. He's already vacuumed the living room and dining room and cleaned off his bed. Why the chores for a 5 year old? Well...he realized that when a bike helmet and truck tires meet, only one wins, and it's usually the bigger of the two. I've not heard him cry so hard when finding his helmet all crushed up from leaving it on the middle of the garage floor. He asked for another helmet so he could ride his bike. It was explained to him that he does not automatically get a new helmet when he didn't take care of his first one. So Ed and I came up with a list of chores that he needs to complete before he can have another helmet. That list is above. I've been thinking too of making a regular chore list for him to have a bit more responsiblity around the house as he's getting older. I'm not sure how to set it up or impliment it yet. I'll take any and all suggestions...


momwqteekids said...

Jean, how you doing, it was great seeing you visiting our church and being able to be with your family.

Our children always have had chores. Since they were little, they took weekly turns in setting the table and clearing it up. Of course, then I used to help them and show them how to do it. Now (the youngest is 10) they completely take weekly turns and do up the kitchen from start to finish. They also took care of feeding the pets, cleaning the litter box, bathing them and cleaning the bathroom, living room and whatever. They put away their own laundry and even are able to put lunch together, Philip's favorite is making a lettuce, mayonnaise and peanut butter sandwich (his dad showed him how to make it). Have a great summer.

Carbon said...

i read that if you have a calendar with little pictures of what chores need to be done on certain days helps. Just getting them involved gradually like setting the table and such everyday is always good. If only I can get my hubby on that schedule too :)

Jean said...

Thank you :) I can't believe how grown your girls are! They are absolutely beautiful. I'm sure you think so too :)

I know this needs to be a consistant thing we do and the biggest thing is to stick to it. I think that'll be the hardest for me.

Jean said...

Good idea Maki. i like charts and calendars. And I love stickers too. :)

anne said...

But just think of all the good stuff you can get done! That list you listed is quite impressive. I'll bet he can quite easily do it. Especially if there is an allowance or reward or fun thing to do in exchange!

Good job! :)

momwqteekids said...

i like the chart idea especially for wee little ones.

Hillary said...

We always had chores growing up - though I don't think my parents ever called them "chores." Kind of negative connotations. We never got paid for doing them, either. Any allowance we got was not connected to chores. My mom always had the line that "These are family responibilities." They were just thihngs that had to get done because we were (uh, are) a part of a family. She didn't want to pay us for stuff that just had to be done.

It drove me crazy as a kid ("Family responibilities, family responibilites, blah blah blah"), but it was kind of a good thing, I think.

Good luck with incorporating job for Sam into your routines. I can't imagine it'll be easy all the time, but you'll do great!

Jean said...

I remember hearing that kids should have regular responsibilities around the house. If they wanted to earn allowance or money, they would have to do other things that were not their chores. Like wash the car. If you usually pay to get your car washed, pay your kid if they want extra money earning jobs around the house. I just need to get to that point. Issuing responsibilities. I bet some day Hillary, that you'll be doing this too with your kids ;) And then you'll sound like your mom :)

Sam did manage to get his room cleaned today. Tomorrow is laundry and the rest of the basement. I know he can do it. He just needs a little guidance..

Buffy said...

I never finish my lists.

I try....

But never succeed.

Bad right?

Jean said...

Nah..not bad. Though Sam is almost done with his. We've been working since 8:30 this morning. If I ever finish a list, I always add more ;)