Thursday, June 15, 2006


One year ago today was the day my father-in-law passed away from cancer. I never did call him "dad" or referred to him as "father-in-law". Just Ed's dad. I always had a hard time with him because of the way he treated Ed growing up and not really wanting anything to do with Ed. It frustrated and made me mad at times of how he just didn't want the responsibility of raising Ed. I must say that my mother-in-law did a superb job of raising Ed on her own, supporting Ed, teaching Ed. And Ed learned a lot about life on his own apart from his father.

Two weeks before his dad passed away, Ed and Sam (who was just over 4 years old), went out to see Ed's dad. He knew he was declining health wise. He was a large man. Well over 200 pounds and was now down to skin and bones. Literally. Ed was shocked at how he looked. It didn't look like is dad at all. They had a good time together. Sam colored pictures for his grandpa. And also said one thing to his grandpa that I will never forget. "Grandpa, I want you to know Jesus." Ed's dad spent 59 years of his life avoiding God. He said he was too far gone for God to do anything good in his life. It came down to his deathbed for him to accept what Jesus did for him. And it was Ed who explained God's love to him. After years of trying, his dad heard. Really heard with his heart and wanted to embrace Christ.

These are the memories Ed keeps stored inside of him. How is dad was for the two weeks after he realized his need for Jesus. Their conversations. His love for his dad. Knowing he'll see him again.

Ed was on his way to FL to see his dad when I got the phone call that he passed away. I called Ed and let him know. He was walking out of the plane when I told him. They kept his dad at the house until Ed got there. It was a very somber day.

Ed spoke at his dad's memorial service. He was able to share this story to all of his dad's buddies and family that still do not yet know Jesus. I stood there watching and listening to him with my heart overflowing with love for him. He didn't have to say anything at all. But he stepped up to the plate and led the entire service.

I know he misses his dad. What could have become of their friendship, with Christ in his dad's life. Knowing he will once again see his dad and hear the "whatchya big doin?", puts a smile on his face and savors those memories that he does have.


anne said...

What a crazy amazing experience. What insane things parents are. Good or bad they influence us whether we want them to or not. You guys are doing a great job. And it's totally worth the work and the heartache and the frustration. And the love and kisses. :)

Jean said...

thank you :)

kassi said...

That is so beautiful! Gosh, what an amazing and wonderful thing to be able to do for his dad, and isn't it awesome how God gave that to your husband as well?

Jean said...

It was huge to Ed's heart. He shared God's love with his dad for years and was rejected, but Ed didn't stop. I'm so grateful and he is too, that he didn't stop. He says the greatest gift is that he'll be able to spend eternity with his dad.

Kristybeth said...

Give Uncle Ed a hug for me. :)

Jean said...

I will Kristen. Thank you :)