Monday, May 15, 2006


I'm becoming quite the slacker when it comes to my blog. Crazy how life has just sped up and nothing has really changed! I should be fast asleep in bed sawing logs, but am not quite there yet. Maybe I need to start counting sheep!

Life after my previous post has been a 180 degree turn. The next day Sam was so helpful and without being asked. He listened all day long and the little miss was just as helpful. No complaints here!

Mother's Day was great with having the moms up for dinner. I'm still full from all that food.

Tomorrow is the last day of MOPS. Wednesday is Sam's graduation from preschool. Haven't quite wrapped my head around him being done already. Pictures to come.

So speaking of's a question for you (which comes from the sermons over the past couple of weeks at church.

How do you rest? Just to sit back and say, "There's nothing that I HAVE to do. There's nothing that is requiring my time".

One way for me to rest is to sit and just enjoy my family. To put laundry, house, dishes, work out of my mind and to be with my kids and husband. It's not easy to put my list aside, but so well worth it.


anne said...

I rest with a book. On the hammock. With a kitten on my lap.

I rest with friends. Out to dinner. Watching tv. Eating popcorn.

I rest with my hubby. Taking a walk. Playing a video game.

Buffy said...

I always want cake after I leave this site.

Jean said...

You rest well my friend :)

yes's hard not to go indulge in some type of sweet after seeing that piece of cake. :)

Carbon said...

I kinda like to sit back and watch the kids or watch tv. Least amount of work required there :)