Thursday, May 18, 2006


If you go here
you will find a bunch of pictures. If you scroll down to #107, that's me. I had just free fallen off my bike. I was trying to flip my lanyard around to my back, my bike stopped and I didn't get my feet out of my clips in time and just fell right over. #108 shows me sitting there like a goof who just fell off her bike and realized someone took a picture it. Then the next one I'm safely on my bike riding into the sunset. Ok...not really...just getting ready for some butt-numbing bumps and tree hugging corners. It's sad when you fall off your bike and haven't even gotten on the trail yet!

More pics to come.


Hillary said...

Hee hee! Fun pictures! Kudos for humility! ;)

btw, did you get my story? ;)

Jean said...


I sure did!! I had to go back and read it twice b/c I was reading so fast out of excitement for you!! :)

how have things been since then? You can e-mail if you want to too.. :)

Hillary said...

I would have sent it to you directly, but I couldn't find your email on the site. Maybe I'm blind? :)

Jean said...

I couldn't find it either and realized that I hadn't checked the box that allows people to e-mail me. It should be there now under my profile. I hope. :)