Friday, May 20, 2011

memory lane

Taking a trip down memory lane today. 16 years ago at this time, I was getting ready to walk down the aisle into a new adventure called marriage.

Reflecting over the past 16 years, I see a lot of laughs. A lot of tears. A lot of changes. A lot of love.

One memory was my first ever backpacking experience. My husband, a seasoned backpacker, and I drove up to a mosquito infested Lake Superior Provincial Park in the U.P. on a July weekend. We arrived at dark to set up our tent, bedded down for the night then rose early the next day to start our hike in. The mosquitoes were thick. We went through an entire can of bug spray in a couple hours. I said out loud that I hoped it would be so cold the next day that it would kill all the mosquitoes. My wish came true as it only reached the mid 40's the next day.

And that was the day I ended up sick in the tent while Ed boiled water as his water purifier was broken. The third day I uttered the words before backpacking out,

"Just leave me here. Go get a boat or something and come back for me."

Um...can't do that out in the middle of no where. I was never so glad to see that little red pick up truck when we arrived at the parking lot.

So many more memories come rushing in. Our first anniversary trip, complete with me being blindfolded, to Niagara Falls. A trip to Northern Ireland to celebrate graduating college. Purchasing our first house. So many more backpacking trips (that weren't so dramatic). The birth of Sam along with surgeries and bladder bags for months there after. Purchasing our second house. Alina being added to our family. 10 year anniversary trip to Mexico. Raccoons eating the food supply on our first family backpacking trip. Bike rides to Jersey Junction. The decision to uproot and move across the country. Entering elementary years with two kids. Wading through life with a pre-teenager.

And then there's love. Not a squishy, ooey-gooey love (though that's still present). But an I'm-in-this-with-you love. A love that doesn't give up. A love that when the feelings aren't there, commitment and foundation are. I won't give up on you.

Our marriage hasn't been all flowers and sunshine. There have been trecherous storms, very dark valleys that could have easily broken us to pieces. By God's amazing example of love, we battled through each one and came out stronger on the other side. I'm pretty sure there will be more down the road too. But building the foundation of commitment to each other, commitment to our wedding vows, and commitment to Christ, has and will help us weather each storm.

Here's to 16 more amazing years my Love. I'm excited to enter yet another new adventure with you in the coming weeks. And to see how God weaves us closer together in the coming months and years.

Happy Anniversary! I love you!


Mckenzie said...

awe, jean, i love this! congrats on 16 years!

Valerie said...

And THAT, my friend, is how it's done. You two are tremendous. Big love.

Becky said...

I love your comments about love, it's not realistic to expect it to always be ooey gooey but commitment and God SHOULD keep you both there. You are blessed!!