Thursday, May 05, 2011

Lenten thoughts

For Lent I chose to put aside sugary sweet goodness. Did I make it the entire time? No. I caved. More than once. But I was still committed, and was thankful for a new day to start over.

I also had a live conscience. Alina. She held me accountable so many times. "Mom, you can't eat that! You made a PROMISE to GOD!" Oh my sweet, sweet daughter. How can anyone dispute that? I couldn't even negotiate! And she was a huge example to me as well by giving up playing Webkinz on the computer.

I found that it was not an easy Lent. There was many a time I prayed while craving those sweets, which is the whole point. At times I failed. All the time God showed me his ever-lasting grace.

And I find it quite humorous that during Lent, I wanted what I couldn't have, but now I don't want what I can have! Go figure.

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anne said...

I think your way may be more balanced. I was pretty good all Lent. Only breaking accidentally, but the first week following the bunny celebration is what I called, "sugar week." So bad.