Saturday, April 02, 2011

Easier said than done

Now is one of those times in life where I'd just really like to know what God's plans are for us. With just over two months left before graduation and no solid plans yet, it leaves one feeling a bit unsettled.

Job glimmers come and then are snuffed out. But the prayer continues to stay the same. "Jesus, put us where you want." I know what Iwant. But He trumps my wants. And that's where the faith and trust come in. And it hasn't been a "yippee-skipee" trust and faith. There have been many tears, many disappointments, many times of not understanding why things are not happening. Plans haven't panned out the way we thought.

But we continue to trust. To dig deep into the faith that has been so rooted in us that our Savior asks us to trust Him. Yes, I know God has a plan. But more than that, I believe He wants us to trust Him in every resume that gets sent out and every response that is received back. And that no matter what the next step of our journey is, that we will continue to deepen our trust in Him.

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