Thursday, March 10, 2011

another milestone

Today marks another milestone for my amazing husband.

Internship complete.

He has pushed himself beyond the sanity line and has clocked over 600 hours in the past 6 and a half months.

He said the other day he was burned out. Rightly so! I added to his comment the fact that the majority who are doing their internship right now are completing 5 hours a week. He has been pushing between 25 and 27 hours a week. I think that helped put into perspective why he is so weary.

And not only interning 25 hours a week, going to school full time and throwing in a part time job along side of that. And then topping it off with being a dad and husband. And the cherry on top of looking for a job. And he still does all the laundry!

You are my hero babe.

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anne said...

I think I'd like to go take a nap now...