Friday, July 30, 2010

Review of Sixteen Brides by Stephanie Grace Whitson

Bethany House sent me this complimentary copy to review for them.

With the promise of prime homesteads and fresh starts, sixteen Civil War widows uproot and move out West. But they soon find that more than land is awaiting their arrival.

When the women finally stumble off the train, they are greeted by the local bachelors--eager to propose marriage! As the true motive behind the offered land is revealed, the women muster all the faith, courage, and cunning they can to survive their new circumstances.

An ok, alright book. It was hard keeping track of 16 people from the beginning. I had to keep referring back to the beginning throughout the book to remember who was who. Two chapters in, it was mainly about seven "brides", still a lot of people to remember. Some of the "brides'" histories were more developed than others, even up until the end of the book. I think it was too many main characters in one book to develop well and have it be a good, smooth story line.

I didn't particularly care for it, but know others who have read it that did enjoy it.

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