Friday, July 16, 2010

no agenda today

It's been a long while since I posted anything on here. As my boss said yesterday, "If you work in Children's Ministry, your summer doesn't start until after VBS is over." I'm thankful that our VBS wasn't in August!

Today is the first day I've been home in the last 10 days. 10 days straight of working 12+ hours each finally took its toll yesterday at about noon. I thought I had hit the wall on Wednesday, but found yesterday it wasn't the final wall to hit, and it wasn't the wall that broke. Our women's ministry director just happened to be walking by the room I was decorating and asked how I was holding up. The wall crumbled with that one question and I finally cracked and broke. I was purely exhausted and it finally caught up with me. Thankfully she has big shoulders and completely understood and gave me a big hug. Our entire team was spent and by the grace of God, we all still love each other :)

I have the most amazing co-workers as they forced (literally) me to take a break yesterday and took over my job of putting together the bins for Sunday. I was able to sit outside and eat lunch (Mary's leftovers that she graciously thrust into my hands). It was just the break I needed to finish that last day of our Kids' Summer Adventure. My boss sat us all down and told us to take next week off and only do what absolutely needs done. I'll be able to take Tuesday through Saturday off to spend with my family whom I have missed so very much.

My amazing husband has held down the home fort and has taken care/played with the kids. His patience is mind blowing as he has held it together every day of me not being here and has been so supportive and encouraging of me and working. I couldn't have made it as long as I did without his support. Thank you my love!

The week was a huge success, tons of kids, amazing volunteers and kids hearing about Jesus. The set was beyond amazing. The weather was perfect. I loved hearing those 3 year olds to 4th graders sing at the top of their lungs as a huge group. Yelling "Let's GO!" after the Bible point was spoken every single time. The excited buzz in the air each night as kids rotated from station to station, laughing and having a blast. It was worth all the hard work and long hours.

It's 1:30 and I'm still in my pajamas. No agenda. No set to tear down and put together a new one (had to do that each night for the Bible story room). No walking from building to building to make sure everything is set for the evening (I think I walked miles over the week). Nothing to do but sit. And make pb&j sandwiches for lunch.


Luanne said...

God will bless you and your famy for all your hard work and their patience! Enjoy your pj's and the rest of your summer :)

anne said...

Ahhh. So glad you can rest!!