Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Review of The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen

I received this free copy of The Silent Governess from Bethany House to review.

What a great book! Totally unexpected ending. When I first opened the book in the mail it looked a bit daunting due to the length (438 pages to be exact). But boy, does it go fast!

Yes it's a romance, but woven in there is a mystery that keeps the book moving smoothly. Set during the nineteenth-century in England, this captivating story has unexpected twists and turns right up until the last page. The characters are developed well and there are just the right amount to keep track of.

Here is a little snip-it about the book:
"Believing herself guilty of a crime, Olivia Keene flees her home, eventually stumbling upon a grand estate where an elaborate celebration is in progress. But all is not as joyous as it seems."

A great read, one of which I will most likely pick up and read again.

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