Friday, February 19, 2010

Have you ever seen God move in your kids? And you had not a single thing to do with it? To see your son in tears because of a song he was listening to about Jesus loving him. To hear your daughter say she prayed about how much to give to a school mission trip and take out a large bill she's been saving to give to it.

It's a very humbling feeling. To see that God feverishly loves my kids and makes himself known without me standing there. That he whispers to their young hearts and they know! Why should I even be surprised that God wants to be present in my kids' lives? They are his children too. Just like me. He loves them so much more than I ever could. And wants the best for them. Just like me.

Funny though how as an adult I have to work hard at hearing God. Make it a habit to listen for his voice. My kids don't. They just know.

Child-like faith ring a bell?

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anne said...

I can't wait to see these kinds of things in my kids. :)