Saturday, January 23, 2010

At times I feel like I need to write deep thoughts (like Jack Handy) on here, but I'm really not in a deep thought mode. I would love to devote more time to blogging, but working full time, being a wife and mom takes a lot of time! Plus, I look at a computer all day long and the last thing I want to do when coming home is look at a computer even longer.

So anywho, life is flying by. Our planned day out snowshoeing on Friday was quickly replaced with a scheduled trip to the hospital for an MRI for the little miss (still waiting for the results), then to her choice of restaurant for lunch. From there we went to Pet Smart to find a new fish for Sam (Geoffrey went for a ride down the porcelain water slide after going to fishy heaven on Thursday).

While at Pet Smart, we went to see the kitties. (We once made the mistake of going to see what kinds of animals they had at Pet Smart and every time I go to the store, which is connected to Pet Smart, and have the kids with me, they beg to go see the kitties as they have "out of the cage play time" every day). The kitties are a part of the humane society and use Pet Smart's facilities to adopt the cats out. So into the room we went and Ed fell in love with a big ole orange cat. Play time was in 20 minutes so we waited until then to see the big guy (his weight said: Large). The volunteer took him out, put him on the floor, Ed patted his leg and the cat jumped up and plopped right down on his lap. Love at first pet. We filled out the preliminary paperwork, and had to come back to see the pet counselor a few hours later to finish everything.

So we are now the proud owners of Moose. We decided not to change his name as he's an older cat and it suits him just right. He is so laid back and lovey. His first night was spent meowing and roaming the house. I finally fell asleep at 2 a.m. after being squeezed out of my spot on the bed and sandwiched in between a very large cat and my husband. He also decided he liked my pillow (the whole pillow) and when that became uncomfortable, he plopped down on top of me. Literally. We found him this morning on Alina's bed, covered up with her blanket with his head sticking out. This afternoon he took a long nap with Ed all snug on Ed's chest and didn't move an inch.

He loves being where we are (which means being on someone's lap) and has even shown signs of playfulness when Alina gets out his stuffed mouse. He's perfect for our family and has fit in like a toasty glove.

The girls are now outnumbered in our household. Ed, Sam, Max, Stafford (Sam's new blue fish named after Matthew Stafford) and Moose take the lead, but I think us girls will hold our own quite well. :)


anne said...

Kitties rock. That is all. :)

Hillary said...

Anne, how did I know the first kitty comment would be from you? :)

Jean - hooray for Moose! He looks lovely!