Saturday, May 09, 2009

Today is the first time I've been able to sit down in weeks to put words to thoughts rolling around in my noggin.

We had a very fast 10 day trip back to MI. 50th wedding anniversary party for my parents, visiting our previous church and seeing many familiar faces, Pride and Prejudice midnight tea party, potluck with friends, staying up late several evenings in a row, two sick kids on different days, and lots and lots of hugs. It was a great trip.

Coming back was much harder than I expected. Walking into church/work three hours after stepping off the plane and not recognizing many faces was difficult. Monday I made a call back to MI. She picked up the phone and the first thing she said was, "how'd your first day back go." I could barely squeak out, "hard". I said that I waited to call her while I was driving as one can't cry while driving.

It's crazy how going back everything was familiar, but distantly familiar. We drove by our old house. Seeing it sparked nothing in me. We did stop and talk to our old yellow farm house neighbors and also so our kids could see their guy "Little Sam". It was like old times, catching up and easy conversations.

How weird it was that Seattle seemed so far away, in the past while in Michigan. And jumping into life in MI was like second nature. Then we left and jumped back into life here. Such a weird parallel.

I can now say that it's good to be back. Work is phenomenal and I love it. I'm looking forward to the next months.

Slowly life is settling. I thought we had settled a long time ago, but now looking back we were only just starting. It has taken so much longer to meet people and make friends. If it wasn't for my job I would know very few people. I think I had my expectations set very high so it's much farther to fall when those expectations haven't been met.

Before we left for MI, Ed finished his first official year of school. Summer classes started this week, but they are shorter and he will be done mid July with six glorious weeks off before year two starts. I am so proud of him for sticking through this year. It was not easy by any means. Emotionally, physically, or spiritually. Growing and learning are still taking place in him, in me and in us. And I would not trade it for anything. It has been the best choice we have ever made for us.

So life revs up again. School, work, scheduling, homework, trying to stay one step ahead of the laundry and dishes. Ahhhhhh life. Absolutely love it!


Luanne said...

Reading this has me thinking about all the changes arriving in my lfe right now. (Check out my latest post to see what's happening!) It will be difficult for sure...but there is something about the old that sometimes draws us back to old habits, friends, etc. I know I'm only moving across the city this time, but I have totally been in your shoes...with many babies...and it's not easy. But you are doing it so much better than I did! I am glad you have friends and a job. Jeff said in his sermon this morning "we are not supposed to go through these things in life alone"...thank God for the fact that you are not totally alone. Things will continually get better and settled :)

I am sad I never saw you while you are here. I feel like I we know so much about each other...but not quite enough :) I am hoping we will soon. Happy Mother's Day!!!

anne said...

As crazy as it has been, I am so thankful for your new job. Sometimes we need a good reason to "feel" like we're useful and going somewhere for a purpose and getting things done outside of our house. I think it's a fabulous fit for you too. :) As I told them, they're lucky to have you!

Jean said...

Thanks Luanne. Even with moving across the city, a lot changes. I'm so thankful for those that "moved" with me even though they were and are far away.
And we WILL meet soon. :) hope your packing is going speedily!

Anne...that is SO true. Having just a little something other than laundry and dishes and cleaning breaks up the day and has opened my eyes to spending even more time with my kids. And as for your praises...I can't thank you enough. :)

heather said...

I remember how long it took us to feel settled in GR when we moved up here after getting married - and I grew up in this city! Moving is hard, uprooting is hard. Are you planning to stay there?

Happy for you job, though!

Jean said...

not sure what our plans are after Ed is done with school. course if we make plans, Someone usually has different ones for us. :)