Wednesday, May 20, 2009

through the years

One: we were such young pups starting a life together.
Two: you worked the split shift and I worked the night shift plus school.
Three: life seemed to get a bit more difficult.
Four: enjoyed adventures, camping, trips, friends and our little two bedroom apartment.
Five: our first child, first house, first new car.
Six: lots of laughter, bandages, surgeries.
Seven: we made it through the first six years.
Eight: our second child, second house.
Nine: many highs, many dreams, many adventures.
Ten: many lows, many tears, many breaks and cracks.
Eleven: a jumbled assortment of unanswered questions and non-happening events.
Twelve: thoughts, glimpses, possibilities.
Thirteen: massive change, massive move and massive life reconstructions.
Fourteen: blank pages waiting to be filled.

Fourteen years my love. I would not change any of it. These years have shaped us beyond what we ever expected. I love you so much more, so much deeper, more fully than I did the year we said I DO. We've been through hell. We've gazed at the sky on the peaks. We've changed. I would do it with none other. I am blessed to have taken your name. It represents so much dirt, tears, laughter, heartache, change, yearning, challenge, tenderness, adventure, love and hope. You are my soul mate. My life partner. My lover. My closest friend.

I love you. Happy Anniversary my love.


Luanne said...

Awwww....! Happy Anniversary :)

heather said...

happy anniversary!

Kassi said...

that is just beautiful