Friday, April 11, 2008

tiny tidbits

All 2T and 3T pants that are high waters (but fit in the waste) for Alina make amazing capri's when rolled up. No need to buy capri's for the summer! Sweet!!

Recipe for trimmed off pieces of a homemade pie crust. Roll out, brush with butter, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, cut up and bake. Tasty little treats! Would be fantastic drizzled with chocolate sauce on top of ice cream...

Free entertainment and exercise at the airport viewing area. Lots of room to run and picnic tables to eat at while watching airplanes take off and land. We did that between the downpours today.

$1 off coupon for grocery store brand ice cream that is already on sale. End up paying $1.50 for a 1/2 gallon. Can't beat that!!

Pureed spinach mixed in spaghetti sauce for that extra veggie.

I had bread dough left over for the calzones (that were filled with spaghetti/spinach mixture), so I cut the leftover in half and gave one chunk to each kid. Instant playdough they could roll, cut up, and even eat if they wanted to (rolling pin, cookie cutters, bread cutter and pizza cutter). Quick clean up with no crumbs and into a baggie for each they went, to be pulled out the next day. They literally begged the next morning after breakfast to play with it.


Cheeky said...

I totally did the ice cream deal. Five times in a row at the self-check out lane since the coupon is only good for one per transaction. We should have enough ice cream for the months of April and May for a grand total of $7.50--less than we'd spend as a family on a single trip to the ice cream shoppe! Thanks for the tip on the awesome deal.

heather said...

mmm... homemade pie!

Anonymous said...

my grandma used to bake pies for people. She would always let me "help" her. My job was to take the left over crust and do exactly what you described. Thanks so much for the memories!

Jean said...

You are welcome! We, also, stocked up on the ice cream.. :)

I love homemade pie. It's a huge comfort food for me. That's interesting that your Grandma did the same thing! Must have been a well used recipe back in those days. :)