Sunday, April 20, 2008


Have you ever felt like you've been hit with a 2x4 right between the eyes? I don't mean literally. More specifically, spiritually. This has happened more than once this past week and let me tell leads to one hurting head and eyes that see oh so much clearer.

The 1st 2x4 was more like a wake up call. To pray.

The other 2x4's were at church last night. I asked to have a Sunday off of helping lead music (thank you Anne!!) to sit through a service with my husband. We decided to attend Saturday night and sure enough..I end up in tears by the end of the sermon. Our pastor taught from the book of James and how having joy through all sorts of trials is a choice.

Some trials given where joy can be chosen:
Loosing a job: ding! yes to that one.
Cracks and rocks in the marriage: ding! yes to that one.
Financial stress: ding! yes to that one.
Waiting for a house to sell: ding! yes to that one.

Choosing joy: loud annoying buzz: haven't chosen that one.

Being refined and coming out on the other side looking like a nice shiny, beautiful gravy boat (it does make sense if you heard the sermon) is so much more worth it than being filled with envy and frittering my life away. Being broken so something else can be built up and come out stronger. Choosing joy is not easy, but so worth it on the flip side.

I still haven't sorted out everything that is going on inside.
I'm still messed up from all the 2x4's last night.
And it's a great thing.


Anonymous said...

yes, it hurts, but isn't it so nice when you "get it" so he doesn't have to keep whacking you. Cause he will until you get it.

anne said...

Sure hope you don't have a headache from all those hits! I'm super curious now and can't wait to listen to this one...

Cheeky said...

I missed it too, and was really bummed. I love the book of James--lots of application. I'm so glad I can listen in after-the-fact and get all caught up. Thanks for writing this post to remind me to listen to this week's sermon before next week rolls around.

Jean said...

Isn't that the truth J! Seems like you'd "get it" the 1st whack, but for those of us with thick takes a few more before it sinks in that our head is hurting. :)

No headache, but a lot to chew on!

It was a good one cheeky!