Tuesday, March 25, 2008

so on and so forth

With it being almost an entire week without a job, I've found myself sitting, staring at my computer not knowing what to do. I'm not used to not working. For the past seven years I've had the same job, being able to work at home and be here when Sam comes home from school, to make dinner every night, to be here when Ed gets home from work, to watch both of our babies grow.

So I am now starting to fill the days with having the house spic and span, just in case the realtor calls for a last minute appointment. And play with Alina. Polly's, Color Wonder finger paint, markers, crayons, more Polly's and so on and so forth.

Also I've found myself looking every 2 minutes at my blog roll. At the news. The weather. Even the grocery ads. Chatting with anyone that's available. Looking at the blog roll again. The news. The weather. I know very soon that this is not going to be a luxury. With losing a job, other things must go away too. One being internet. So if by chance you e-mail me and I don't respond for days, I'm really not ignoring you. I promise. I'm realizing that I may actually HAVE to TALK to people on the phone! How crazy is that!?!


anne said...

It's hysterical how we don't spend any time on the phone anymore. And I do the same thing on slow days...check and recheck and recheck...there's always facebook too...

Jean said...

ooooo forgot about facebook! :)

remember all the weekday nights of coming home and talking to friends for hours after seeing them the entire day? wonder how many kids will have carpal tunnel when they're older from typing away their social lives.. :)