Wednesday, July 19, 2006

sorrow and joy

First came the sorrow. A loss.
What to say?
How to encourage?
No words, but just being present I think helped fill her void some.
Lots of hugs.
Lots of praying.
Second came the joy. 12 hours later. A new life.
How can this be?
In a matter of hours, two opposites.
Two extremes.
My heart crying with hurt and joy at the exact same time.
Incomprehendable and so very intricate of how we are made.
To feel polar opposites in one heart beat.
Intertwined with each other, yet so separate.
Sorrow and joy mingling together.


kassi said...

very beautifully expressed...

Jean said...

thank you Kassi. It all just spilled out. I'm not a writing eloquently type of gal, but I figured that it was there, so I should get it out.

Carbon said...

Wow! I agree with kassi. Very nicely written!