Monday, October 31, 2011

A Halloween short story by Alina

Alina wrote this story (with no help from any adult) below two nights ago in her journal and then proceeded to type it all out by herself. A trick or treating story for your Halloween enjoyment.

By Alina

Once upon a time, I was trick or treating when there was a haunted castle. I went in the door………..creeeeek! went the door as I opened it. In then the creepiest thing happened to me in my life. A ghost flew up to me and said…………………”BOO”!!! I was so freaked out I fainted. Finally I got up.
The ghost said “are you ok? My name is Brsty! What is yours”?
“Yes yours”!
“Ok, ok my name is Alina. What do you like to do”?
“I like to fly. What do you like to do”?
“Um, um I like to do crafts I guess”. What is your favorite subject in school”?
“Um, um I don’t go to school.”
“Oh! That’s right! I forgot ghosts don’t go to school.”
“Now what is your favorite color Alina?”
“Pink! What is yours Brsty?”
“Mine is pink to!”
“Would you like to finish trick or treating with me?”
“Yes! But I don’t have a costume.”
“But you are already in a costume. You’re a ghost! Why can’t that be your costume?”
“Ok, ok I will be that.”
“Now shall we?”
“We shall.”


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