Friday, February 11, 2011

A shout out!!

Today I'm giving a shout out to one of my amazing friends. She's putting her fantastic sewing skillz to great use and is selling her items on her site. This may seem like a sales pitch to some, but to me, it's getting her fantabulous work out there. You know and have heard the sayings, "it's now what you know, but who you know" or "word of mouth"? Well, I'm using the words of my mouth and who I know to tell you about Anne.

I've known Anne for a long time. 12 years? 13 years? So long, I've lost count. I actually knew her husband before meeting her (yeah...he's stellar too). We've been through thick and thin together. And I mean thick. and. thin. All that to say, she's amazing.

And so are her sewing skills. See that cute guy over there? Sorry, he's not for sale, but an apron like he's wearing is! That's my Sam on his 7th birthday. Anne whipped up that apron for him. He may not look super excited, but he's eager to wear it in the kitchen. Along with aprons (she makes them for adults too!), she sews:
fabric grocery bags (which last longer than the store bought reusable ones...and they're cute!)
diaper bags
kids clothes
cloth diaper covers (I like the monkey ones myself)
and much more. She makes the cutest head bands too! So cute that I almost want to have another girl just so I could use one! Last month I even mailed her fabric to sew a bag for a gift for one of my friends here and within an IM conversation she had it finished and it was back to me within two days (that bag traveled over 4000 miles in just five days).

So if you're all about homemade items, head over to Anne's site. Even if you're not all about homemade items, check out her site. You may just change your mind. And if you have something you would like sewn that you don't see listed, ask her! She's uber creative and can customize to your needs. Her items are top notch.

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated to give a shout out about Anne. She's my amazing friend whom I believe you all should know about. My opinions are my own and if you know what's good for you, head over to her site! That is all.

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