Friday, February 27, 2009

This past Christmas we gave each of the kids a daily tear off calendar for their rooms. Sam's has Bible versus and Alina's has pictures of kitties.

Why does this matter you may ask? So the rest of this story makes sense. :)

A week and a half ago, our neighbors had to move out of their house. They didn't have a house yet to move into, so they couldn't take their two cats with them. I was asked if I would feed them until they found a house. This wasn't a problem as I'm more than able to pour food into bowls set out on the back porch. No cleaning out litter boxes as they are out door cats (and we're not allowed to have pets here).

Now, I think the word spread around the hood that there was free food at our back deck for all to have as I have now seen 5 different cats.

Enter Alina. She loves cats. Absolutely LOVES cats. Hello Kitty? You better believe it! Cat pajamas, cat stuffed animals, cat calendar, cat Polly Pockets. So, when these cats started coming to our back deck, she's been loving "having" cats.

So half an hour ago, she came up with the idea that the kitties need something to look at while they eat. She has cut out some of her calendar kitty pictures of kitties eating and taped them to the bottom of the glass door (right at kitty eye level mind you). She said she cut the words off as she didn't think they knew how to read.

And just as she put up her last picture, a kitty came up and actually did look at the pictures before eating. I don't think Alina could have smiled any bigger.


beth said...

that's fantastic! and what a proud moment for her... i'm sure their mealtimes will never be without entertainment :)

anne said...

are we going to have to call her the crazy cat kid? :)

Jean said...

The pics did scare one cat away, but it wasn't too long before it came back again. :)

I did think of that and how many cats she will have in her adulthood. :)

Lyndsay said...

Ok. That made me laugh out loud! I have Alina on the brain today too since my kids colored her like 5 pictures for her birthday. It was virtually all they did today. :]

Hillary said...

That's SO adorable, Jean! Your kids have such sweet hearts! (which they most definitely got from their parents!)

Her birthday is coming up, isn't it? So is Sam's? Wish them a very big happy birthday from me!

thediaperdiaries said...

That is super adorable. I love that she cut off the words :)

Jean said...

she is one to stick on the brain. :) She'll love the pics and getting mail!

Thanks Hillary. :) And you have a fantastic memory! Her's is tomorrow and Sam's is at the end of the month. :)

She did put up another picture with words. Maybe in case the cats did become literate.

Luanne said...

That is so precious! You have the best kid stories!!