Friday, August 08, 2008

reliving the past

In junior high, the one thing that I always wanted (and never did get) was a skate board. Yes, I was a tomboy. Didn't like wearing dresses, loved being outside exploring and riding my bike (complete with a banana seat) over all the jumps that were made on an empty lot, cared very little about style and was a far cry from popular in school.

So when Sam saw a skate board today at a garage sale, we went halfsies. He paid 50 cents, I paid 50 cents. He carried it around to all the other neighborhood sales and even locked his door (when all the other ones were unlocked) so no one would take it. The minute I turned off the car in the driveway, he was running to the garage to don his helmet and biking gloves and started riding. It was hard driving away all the motherly worries of "he's going to fall and break his arm like his friend did. He's going to break wrists. His nose. His knees. He's going to break everything." and just let him be a boy. All I need to do is remember to breath, swallow my heart that jumps to my throat, smile and clap while encouraging. He absolutely loves it.

Who knows, maybe I'll take it for a spin after he goes to bed tonight.

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anne said...

So? Did you ride or what? :)