Wednesday, July 23, 2008

day 3

This morning I get back in the saddle again to bike to VBS down the road. 4 trips total. It is only 1.4 miles there and going takes only 6 minutes. Coming home takes much longer as it is all up hill. And pulling 50 pounds up hill is not the most fun thing to do. Day one I had to walk part way up. Day two I barely (and I mean barely) made it up. I couldn't shift down any more gears. But I somehow did it without stopping until we got home. In the middle of this hill, while Sam is doing circles around me, this tiny voice comes from the back.

"Mommy? Why are we going so slow? I want to go faster please!"

At least she used her manners.


anne said...

Ok, that is SO funny. So polite. Better than, "Geez Mom, kick it up a notch, will ya?!"


Jean said...

i was waiting for it today. i must've been going a bit faster to satisfy her fast paced adrenaline rush needs. :)