Wednesday, February 06, 2008

yummy (healthy) treats

Now that the bread is gone, I needed something to snack on today. And I knew it should be healthy. Alina was asking for some crackers today, which of course we don't have any. I remembered seeing a homemade cracker recipe on 101 cookbooks. So I scooted over there and started perusing. In her post she said these tasty crackers would go well with midnight hummus. Hmmm...that sounded interesting. So I clicked on the hummus link and I actually had everything to make it.

So today I tried two new recipes. For the midnight hummus, I used black beans instead of the beluga lentils and only put in a 1/2 teaspoon of cumin instead of the 2 teaspoons it called for. I didn't have the semolina flour for the crackers so I used regular white four. They took longer than I thought to roll out, but it made SO many (at least 150+ crackers total) it was well worth it. I was wishing I had some parmesan cheese to sprinkle on them too, but alas, I used it all for the alfredo sauce I made the other day. Herbs I used were dill weed and oregano and spices were a turkey rub and paprika. Alina was eating them as fast as I was taking them out of the oven. Super easy! Yummy and I'm thinking better than store bought crackers.

Here are the recipes if you're interested.

Olive Oil Crackers
Midnight Hummus


anne said...

I really have to try this recipe!! It looks so yummy! I'm so impressed with your cooking prowess.

Hillary said...

Uh, YUM! Black bean ANYthing is my favourite, and now black bean hummous?!? Sah-WEET! I'll have to try this recipe post-haste!

And I'm with Anne on the "admiration of your cooking prowess" front! You're one impressive chef! :)

Jean said...

Both are pretty tasty.. :)

1. If it looks too complicated and more than 5 steps, I don't do it.

2. It has to have ingredients that I recognize and are staples in the house.

3. Don't be too impressed.

4. I did see an artichoke dip with tofu though, that I may need to try..

heather said...

yum-my! way to go experimenting!

Cheeky said...

Making crackers...brilliant!

Ed said...

the crackers were AWESOME! so was the midnight hummus. i was certain the crackers were store bought because they looked like something 15 marketers took years perfecting to make them look appealing to the consumer. well done!

Hillary said...

Nice modesty, but nope, it won't work. Anyone who has sesame tehini in the house as a STAPLE impresses me! :)

Buffy said...

Good grief I love hummus. I could eat it until it seeps from my skin.

But Im really picky. Im no good at making it myself (though I've only tried once).

I like my hummus to be really garlicy. Not so much the chilli smell that comes from an overload of spices.

Jean said...

I think I like the crackers better than the hummus (which is gone now).

Thanks my love. I'm glad you liked them. :)

HA! I have a hard time throwing anything out, so I tell myself I have to use it up (and the store only had a ginormous jar, so I need to keep using it) :)

You should try making it again Buffy. Food processor and throw the ingredients in. I was very hesitant the first couple times I made it, but now I'm not so scared. You can do it! :)