Monday, December 17, 2007


Last night when the decorations were being brought out, Alina found the box that houses our stocking holders. Since the stocking holders are porcelain, we've stuffed shredded paper around them to keep them from injury. I pulled the stocking holdings out and Alina started throwing the shredded paper in the air.

"I'm spreading JOY!" she said. I gave her a few throws and then asked her to put clean it up and put it away.

Today a package came in the mail and sure enough, crinkle paper was in the box. She asked if she could play with the joy. How can one say no to that?
So out came all the blue crinkle paper. She danced through the house singing, "JOY! JOY! I'm spreading JOY!" while throwing bunches of paper into the air.

She's not liking that she has to clean her joy up, now that it's all out of the box.


Anne said...

That is just hilarious!! I'm glad she got to spread the joy all over the house! :) How fun is that!?

Hillary said...

How adroable is that??? :)

Jean said...

like i you can one say no to pure innocence and, well, joy! :)